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2013 NEWS

On August 1, 2013, the Concerned Citizens of Laurelton and Southeast Civics in Queens hosted a Mayoral and Comptroller debate at the Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Click on the links below for articles about the debate:

NY Times Article

Queens Chronicle Article

Laurelton & Laurelton Estates - Historic Designation

The Concerned Citizens understand that making a connection with our neighbors expands our community and provides a valuable educational experience for everyone. CCOL and Mr. Paul Graziano (Historic Planner) are working to add Laurelton to the Historic Registry. This will be the third time in Southeastern Queens history that another area will soon be designated (Currently- Addisleigh Park has a Historic District Designation). This is a tedious process as Laurelton is a large area.



The executive board of CCOL held an informal meeting with the 105 Pct's commanding officer Deputy Inspector Joseph Cortesis team to discuss ways we can improve neighborhood security, lines of communication, and civic involvement between the police and the Laurelton community. Neighbors interested in working with CCOL, please contact us @ 



May/june Events

Memorial day parade

the Concerned citizens of laurelton SPONSOR THE aNNUAL vETERANS mEMORIAL dAY pARADE- wE ARE ASKING YOU and the rest of your neighbors TO COME OUT AND BE A PART OF A GREAT EVENT IN honoring our war veterans. Starting point is francis lewis blvd & Merrick blvd TO vETERAN'S tRIANGLE.


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